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  1. gallery / Justin at

    December 11, 2011 by Man Crotch · 351 views

    Lost in thought after a long day at his new job, Justin kicks back on the couch and starts taking off his shoes. His sore feet in black dress socks sure could use a good rubbing.

    Maybe he'll make himself a little more comfortable by getting out of that stuffy shirt and pulling those tight socks off

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  2. gallery / Cum Guzzlers at

    December 4, 2011 by Man Crotch · 632 views

    Take a load off and get ready for over 460 explosive cum shots packed into over 160 minutes of hardcore ass-and-face pumping action in gay porn! Watch more than 400 cum-loving men get soaked in hot, creamy wads of man juice and join in as they lick, swallow, and play with their heavy loads. Sperm-cravers get their hungry mouths filled with warm, thick cum and eager bottoms get fucked to creamy explosions. Open up and get ready for massive eruptions and cum guzzling!

    Scene 01:
    Get ready for the next wave of the best cum shots Lucas Entertainment has to offer: in the first round of goo-squirting fun, some of the studio's hottest models are letting their loads loose. Some of the champion cum-studs include Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi, Mike Colucci, Shay, Adam Killian, Manuel DeBoxer, Johnny Oliver, Scott Carter, Brandon Jones, Rafael Carreras, Gabriel Lenfant, Braxton Bond, Drew Cutler, and the kingpin of gay porn himself, Michael Lucas!

    Scene 02:
    Another collection of Lucas Entertainment's finest, wettest, and most eruptive cum shots from the studio's hottest, horniest, and most seed-hungry sex maniacs. Enjoy the killer cum shots of Zach Alexander, Tristan Jaxx, Dayton O'Conner, Trent Locke, Braxton Bond, Cezar Dior, Adam Richards, Jake Lyons, Ivan Rueda, Tiko, Cavin Knight, John Magnum, Steven Daigle, Arpad Miklos, Alessio Romero, and Jake Steel!

    Scene 03:
    Lucas Entertainment has no shortage of hot men shooting even hotter loads, and "CUM GUZZLERS" highlights every last, dripping shot of the best the studio has to offer. Models shooting this loads include Parker London, Zach Alexander, Rafael Alencar, Junior Stellano, Spencer Reed, John Magnum, Alessio Romero, Johnny Angel, Steven Daigle, Kyle DeAnthony, Matan Shalev, and Harry Louis!

    Scene 04:
    The fourth installment of the sex-hungry, load-blasting "CUM GUZZLERS" includes some of Lucas Entertainment's hottest models. Keep your eyes peeled for Jake Steel, Marco Cruise, Leonardo Lujan, Maikel Cash, Avi Dar, Ace Rockwood, Logan Reed, Shay, Rafael Alencar, and Spencer Reed!

    Scene 05:
    The cum-blasting action of Lucas Entertainment's "CUM GUZZLERS" reaches its climax with hardcore action from Kyle DeAnthony, Wilfried Knight, Spencer Reed, Matan Shalev, Mike Colucci, Jonathan Agassi, Glenn Coste, Roy Jones, Ben Andrews, and Michael Lucas!

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  3. gallery / Lance Bennett and Luke Riley at

    December 4, 2011 by Man Crotch · 183 views

    Lance Bennett and Luke Riley come together in this fun scene for a hot and lazy summer afternoon. A couple of buddies having some fun together, playing with each other's dicks and a FleshJack. Luke's chin stubble drives Lance's ticklish asshole WILD as he munches away and after a bit of playful sucking and fucking, the two guys finish back up playing with their new toy. Lance jerks a BIG load out of Luke then Luke jerks one our of Lance before they go back to more kissing and laying around in the pool of sweat on their bed.

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  4. download / [COAT] Male Body Undress - Extra Legend [CTO374]

    December 2, 2011 by Man Crotch · 352 views

    105 mins
    File Size
    1.7 GB
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    プレミアムモデル悠斗、まさかの最終局面…「male body undress.」驚愕の最終章!





  5. gallery / Tatum & Dustin at

    December 1, 2011 by Man Crotch · 197 views

    Active Duty offered another great War Chest Video Update and I am really excited about the new recruit they featured. Tatum is a really hot dude and Dink Flamingo said that as soon as he met Tatum he knew Tatum would most likely be down to play. Dink decided that Tatumís first solo was as good a time as any to see how far he might go. Luckily, Dink had a willing accomplice to help him out on his mission.

    Tatumís so adorable and I personally can't get enough of that cute Southern drawl of his. Tatum is 20 years old and stands 5'10". He's got a great semi-furry tight body that weighs in at around 165 lbs. Tatum loves motorcycles and enjoys anything that gives him an adrenaline rush. He has a fear of heights but he's found a way to get over that fear that he explains. Tatum is an Alabama boy and that sweet awe shucks attitude just drives me crazy. He's got so much sex appeal it makes me melt. This guy is super horny and you can tell. When Dink finally decides to reveal his secret and tells Tatum that he has a Marine buddy in the living room who saw his pictures and said he'd suck him off. Dink asks Tatum if he thinks he might let him and he doesn't hesitate to say yes. Dustin comes in and starts playing with Tatum's big cock, jerking it and playing with his balls. Once Dustin knows Tatum is cool with it, he goes for it. As soon as his mouth touches Tatum's cock it's rock hard once again. It's a big dick for Dustin to master, but he gives it a good try. Tatum throws his head back and starts biting his lips. You can tell this is a brand new experience for him but his dick is really liking it. Once he shoots his load, Dustin plays with his cum and rubs it all over his cock. And that's all she wrote. He's putting on his shorts and heading for the door just like any good piece of trade would. Gotta love it.

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  6. gallery / Carson, Dustin & Zander: Scorching Shower Threeway at

    December 1, 2011 by Man Crotch · 110 views

    Active Duty offered a scorching threesome in the shower featuring Zander, Carson and Dustin. Seems Dustin and Carson always meet up in the shower for fun and this time they've got another hot recruit in tow. Zander has been away for a bit but he's back and looking delicious. In fact he's so delicious to Carson and Dustin that the two of them really get into ravaging their comrade.

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  7. gallery / Micah & Solomon at

    November 29, 2011 by Man Crotch · 213 views

    As aggressive/passive as Solomon can be, it was tough trying to figure out what his first full-interaction with a dude would be. I know I didn't have any guys on my team that wanted to get in a smack down in the middle of a sex shoot. Micah thought he could be domineering, and Solomon wasn't too sure he could stay hard enough to Top, so he opted to Bottom first time out. Besides, a little (or a lot!) of pain doesn't seem to be a problem for him. Though he stated clearly that this was a whole new sort of pain he was expecting and was very nervous.

    I started them off doing some jerking-off together. Solomon comes to attention first, meanwhile, I think Micah has gotten a bit more Bi after doing so much guy-on-guy that he needs some physical contact with a dude to get hard. YEAH! So he starts sucking on Solomon, and that did the trick for both of them.

    We get to the fucking and Solomon took his first cock like a trooper. Clearly he is hurting, but for him, it seems to be a good thing. I tried to get him to jerk-off as much as possible so he could add pleasure to his pain, but for the first couple shoots, most of the guys tend to just "take it" rather than focus even on their own cock.

    These two look great together, and though Solomon is hating having chest hair, he grew it out for you all. So I hope you enjoy!

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  8. gallery / Chris King Thick Fat Cock Twink Smooth Red Head Ginger Finger Fuck Asshole Cum Big Load at

    November 28, 2011 by Man Crotch · 447 views

    Chris has a big fat cock. At 6.5 inches long and 6.5 inches around his thick pole is big enough for two!

    He peels off his skinny jeans and shows off his meaty member before pulling up his legs and exposing his perfect little asshole. He stretches his ass wide open with two fingers then slowly works himself to the edge of orgasm – holding off as long as possible. When he can’t take it anymore he lets out a loud moan and showers himself with a sticky mess of piping hot cum!

    Chris gives his thick cock a couple of strokes then sits back down on the couch. He's really fucking cute as he just sits there lavishing attention on himself. Zero attitude. Just a vibrant young man pleasuring himself with expert precision. Lost to the desire and deep in his own sexual fantasy. Amazing!

    The camera comes in for a glorious close-up of his tortured asshole as he drives his fingers in and out of his body. Stretching that hole wide open and showing off all the glorious detail! The HD camera captures every detail as his slippery hole loosens up and begs for more fingers!

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  9. gallery / Mickey & Ali Returning the Favor at

    November 28, 2011 by Man Crotch · 186 views

    This week, we continue the saga of Mikey and Ali. This time it was Mikey's turn to 'return the favor' and show Ali how to suck the cock like a 'gay.' Ali is simply amazed by his cock sucking skills, which he admits is 'much better' then his girlfriend. Mikey continues to blow this hot muscle stud, and doesn't seem to mind one bit (looks like Ali is having a pretty damn good time too). Next Mikey moves on to work on licking Ali's ball sacks a bit, before sharing some hot kisses. Finally Ali is ready to blow his load all over the T-Shirt.

    Download the full HD video at

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  10. tube / Home Made Asian Bareback Speed Fuck

    November 27, 2011 by Man Crotch · 94 views